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Thigh straps for optimal boat control in white water.

With practice, you can also master the eskimo roll with thigh straps. Most of our packrafts are already equipped with the appropriate tie downs for the thigh straps. The straps are fixed to 4 points (hooked). In the middle there is another fixation with Velcro fastener, which opens automatically when exiting (capsizing).

The thigh straps can also be used as a carrying aid for the pac kraft: either you carry the boat with the loops like a bag or strapped around as a backpack.




The handling of the thigh straps should be practiced extensively, in particular the safe disembarkation from the boat, in case of capsizing. Practice disembarking with the assistance of a second person. The straps are designed in such a way that trampling is almost impossible. Do not use the thigh straps in white water if you are not sure about the correct usage. We cannot accept any liability in the event of an accident – you use them on your own responsibility. Do not make any modifications to the belts (e.B. fixations with carabiners instead of hooks)


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