PU glue 50ml Helaplast and hardener 10g


PU Glue 50ml Tube and Hardener 10g

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This adhesive is ideal for attaching additional mountings to the packraft: e.g. various loops, a skeg mounting.

It can also be used to repair major damage to the boat by glueing the repair material over the crack/cut.

Helaplast is ideal for all fabrics made of PU, rubber, PVC, nylon fabric or leather. Attacheds glued with it hold bomb-proof.



We recommend marking the glue place on the boat and then sticking the edge with painter’s crepe. When sticking a skeg mount, glue the webs (where the skeg will be inserted) and glue the corresponding places at the opposite point on the boat, so that the webs do not stick to the boat.

Apply the glue in a thin layer on each side (boat and attachment). Let it dry (15 minutes). When both sides feel dry, apply another thin layer and allow to dry for 15 minutes. Attach the attachment by initially pressing it slightly in the desired position. The fastening part can now be adjusted, so it can also be replaced. When sticking a skeg mounting, do not forget to remove the bridge adhesives (painter’s crepe) beforehand.

With the hair dryer now heat the fastening strongly (approx. 60 degrees, should feel hot on the hand), then press strongly together with a roller or hammer (or hard object without sharp edges). For larger bonding, heat and press ever smaller areas (approx. 5cm -10cm diameter).

Allow to dry for 24 hours until the first use.


A manual from the manufacturer can be found here:



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