Why is the packraft delivered without a pump?

Packrafts are supplied without a pump, but with a very light inflation bag. This allows the boat to be inflated just as quickly with a little practice as with a pump. Normally, your boat is ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

You can find a detailed guide here: Instructions

Where are Rocket Raft’s packrafts produced?

Our packrafts are produced in China. It is a production, which is largely done by hand.

The boats are designed and further developed in Austria. Complete production in Austria would increase prices by at least 50%. That’s why we depend on our Chinese factories.

We carry out quality control for all boats in Austria. All repairs or modifications are also carried out in Austria.

By producing in small series, we can also take individual customer requests into account.

Just write us what you want: We can implement color or design wishes or other modifications for you.

Can I ride over pointed stones with these packrafts?

Yes! Our packrafts are made of high quality TPU nylon fabric. We do not use PVC material. Lace stones cause at most scratch marks.

Is it safe to leave the packraft in the sun?

The TPU-coated fabric is insensitive to UV radiation. In contrast to other manufacturers, we also do not install tubes or floors made of the lighter but UV-sensitive Vectran material.

At high heat, the air in the Packraft can expand considerably, which can lead to damage to the material. In this case, some air should be left out of the boat via the valve.

Why are most of your boats 300-600g heavier than boats from other Packraft manufacturers?

Our boats are optimized for hard use in white water and loading with heavy luggage. We use d-rings (approx. 200g) made of stainless steel instead of textile loops. We use robust materials for the tubes. Almost all our boats are equipped with TIZIPs for luggage storage (approx. 200g). Most of our boats also have a possibility for fastening thigh straps (approx. 140g). With almost all our boats there is the possibility to mount a Skeg (Fin) for the better straight line (approx. 150g). On many boats, a footrest is also pre-assembled. Our competitors usually specify the boat weight in the respective minimum equipment. 

My boat loses air as soon as I am on the water for some time! Is there a leak?

This is a completely normal physical process. The water is almost always a few degrees colder than the air in summer. As a result, the air in the packraft also cools down and tightens. It is therefore necessary to pump some air after cooling the air. It is best to place the boat in the cold water for a few minutes before driving away and add air right before driving away.

My spray blanket (cover) starts to loosen inside!

The spray blanket (in fact the cover) is fixed to the boat before welding with double adhesive tape. The top is then welded with the boat. The double adhesive tape cannot be removed after welding. The adhesive tape may dissolve at the inside edge after some time. However, the outer part is bomb-proof welded. Don’t worry about the top loosening!

This behaviour is due to the production process of the boats. This phenomenon occurs in all packrafts with a top (also in the boats of other manufacturers).

Can I use the packraft in salt water without any worries?

Our packrafts can also be used in the sea without any concerns. The material does not suffer any damage as a result. We recommend rinsing the packraft with fresh water after use to avoid crusts through the salt. In particular, care should be taken to rinse zipps and valves.

The paddle length recommendations of many manufacturers seem to be very long – 240cm or even longer.  Are such paddles suitable for packrafts?

Do not note the information of most paddle producers (e.B. Werner, Kober, Lettmann). These data refer to the much narrower hard plastic (PE) – kayaks. The driving behaviour of a packraft is very different.  Too long paddles cause the packraft to turn more strongly with each paddle train – this makes the ride inefficient. We recommend lengths up to a maximum of 230cm. 

Paddle lengths below 200cm – as with white water hard shell kayaks the norm –   are also not advisable due to the width of the Packrafts.

Our paddles are freely adjustable at a distance of 10cm and therefore also flexibly usable between sporty and relaxed paddle mode.

Can I test the packrafts?

Our packrafts can be picked up for tests at the location in Vienna (Austria). For short tests, the nearby Mühlwasser (standing water) is recommended.

Extensive, multi-day tests of our boats are also possible against a test fee. Inquire about free boats and appointments. 5